About us

Posted by Julia de Regt on


We are Julia and Thebe digging in our mum’s jewellery boxes finding the most crazy beautiful plastic rings. Soon after that we decided that we wanted to create these rings ourselves. That is how JUBE started to evolve itself. We didn’t want to produce more plastic as the world cannot cope with the amount of plastic there already is. Therefore, we started looking for alternatives. After a short search we found Vincent, located in Trondheim, Norway, who makes all kinds of things out of recycled plastic. Vincent immediately got super excited about the rings and so our collaboration with him started.





Vincent collects plastic from households and brings plastic waste home from the chocolate factory where he works. The coolection of plastic is not hard, as there an enourmous surplus of it in the world. However, using recycled plastics can sometimes mean that certain 'more special' colours are limited. Also, every ring can vary a bit in colour as the composition of different colours and types of plastic can always be slightly different. 

After collecting the plastics, he shreds it into small pieces, whereafter he melts it and injects it in to the ring mould. After doing some finishing touches, the rings look as shiny as the moon. Ready for you, ready to get these funky fingers going.

Our packaging is also sustainable. The ring boxes and post boxes are made of 100% certified recycled carton. The ring boxes can be used to keep your JUBE's safe or to gift a JUBE nicely to someone else. 

Our goal is to become a 100% sustainable business. We are already doing everything we can and we hope that you will join us in this sustainable and funky journey!