It's sustainable..DUHH!

Sustainability is JUBE's number one concern. Our main goal is to be as sustainable and transparent as possible while producing eye-catching jewellery. Plastic is a very useful material that should not be limited to only one purpose. We believe you can be anything you want to be, so why can't an old DVD cover become a beautiful ring? That's why all rings are 100% made out of recycled plastics. These plastics are collected by our manufacturer from different places such as households, streets, factories, etc. 

Please note that every ring is unique. Using recycled plastics gives different colour mixes in every ring. For example, 95% blue-ray dvd plastic and 5% white plastic is mixed, it is possible that one ring has slightly more white then 
another. This is what makes every single piece exclusively your own. Also, every single ring is handcrafted and therefore not always identical but perfect in its own way. Each ring is recycled and can be recycled again, we don't use any coatings so you never know how many lives your ring will have. 

We have chosen to pack our rings in a cute little ring box, therefore you can always gift it to someone or just treat yourself. The ring boxes are made of FSC® certified cartons and paper. The boxes can be kept forever to keep your JUBE’s safe. The tissue paper inside the boxes is environmentally produced and also has the FSC® mark. Also the mail boxes are made out of recycled cartons and also carry the FSC® mark.